Sunday, December 18, 2011

WTF, who'd have thought it.

There's a short lull in the general Christmas excitement in the Legend household. Mrs Legend is running, hamster like on her treadmill, and Legend Jr has his head in a large bucket of tiny Lego pieces searching for God knows what to complete his latest weapons system for global war. I am on my 3rd cup of coffee and messing about with the statistics button on my blog. I have a pile of things to do, but I am choosing to spend this precious time on research of national importance. I noticed the other day that one of my blogs was getting hit at a rate that dwarfed all of the others. My curiosity pricked, I thought I'd take a look to see if I could spot a trend. The blog in question is called RIP Legend, where I explain my name change. It's not a particularly good blog, more informative in nature than interesting , so I was/am totally baffled by the interest it has generated., see below.

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Sep 26, 2011, 8 comments
1,489 Pageviews
Feb 5, 2011, 8 comments
208 Pageviews
Jun 14, 2011, 7 comments
131 Pageviews
Sep 28, 2010, 13 comments                                                      128 pageviews
In the stats section, you can look for key word searches and I found that most of these hits were generated by the words RIP, R.I.P and even "RIP pictures" (anyone want to explain to me what a RIP picture is?). I feel sorry for those poor folks if they are looking for some kind of Transylvanian thrill, especially when they end up in my wee world.
You could all help me test this theory by creating a blog with the word RIP in the title and see what happens.
Go on, humor me and have a go.


  1. Way too much time on your hands, although that's an impressive number of hits:)

  2. Can't bring myself to do it, but clearly there is the morbid fascination with death out in the blogosphere . I love "I feel sorry for those poor folks if they are looking for some kind of Transylvanian thrill, especially when they end up in my wee world." Our wee worlds, so alive! Happy Holidays to you, Mrs Legend and Little Boy Legend as well! And thanks for stopping by my blog. The autumn show has just begun - thanks to your encouragement.

  3. How fascinating! And I love that I am not the only one who uses precious time to carry out important research of this nature - in fact the less time I have, the more likely I am to embark on a completely engrossing but unproductive project!! e.g. catagloguing my nail varnish collection...while all hell breaks loose around me...reassuring too that your small Legend likes building weapons systems out of his Lego - Boy 1's room is a Lego weapon arsenal..

  4. I am obsessed with stats. My most popular post by far is the one about the baby crow. I suspect that there are a lot of VERY disappointed Brandon Lee fans out there!

    You should check out Twisted Scottish Bastard's blog - he puts in pictures of scantily clad women at every possible opportunity and his stats are extremely healthy indeed. But his female blog readers do want to hit him hard over the back of the head with a shoe. A big platform one! :-D

    Yes - stats are v entertaining. But don't get hung up on them :-D

    Ali x

  5. fascinating........and I thought numbers was a boy thing...oh oh the gender stereotyping of it all....being challenged in most things including blog technology I have no idea how to even check but why not just stick RIP in the key words for every blog?? Happy christmas jx

  6. Hi Legend,
    I rarely look at my stats but I have noticed that my all-time highest page hit is on a post I did on a bustier.
    Maybe it was that Twisted Scottish Bastard looking for scantily clad girls in bustiers!
    I'm sure it was disappointing as it is just me in cardigan with a Liberty floral bustier barely visible underneath.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! I bet your little guy is pretty excited.

  7. Any time I mention ANYTHING that could be construed as sexual in any way, shape or form, I get mega hits.

    My most popular post: the one where I accidentally wet my pants at a doctor's appointment and you should have seen all the keywords that got them there. The one that made me laugh (and shudder) the most? "I just peed my knickers!"


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