Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas on Vashon

Vashon's Santa, slightly worse for wear after being extracted from the local sports bar so he could oversee the lighting of the Town Christmas tree.
Christmas on Vashon has started, even before the Thanksgiving Turkey gravy has congealed on the plate. Mrs Legend stated that she wanted to get things done early this year, which translated means, "I want you to get things done early this year." As I don't have anything to do apparently, apart from set up a new business, find new clients, design and print all of the company's brochures and marketing bumf and do all of my usual chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry etc etc etc, I could reduce her stress levels by being ready for Christmas.  
This Friday, we headed off to our local plantation to select the perfect tree. With wife and a smallish elf in tow, we found our perfect tree within minutes of getting there. We had it cut, hauled, erected and lights attached in less than two hours. Impressed? I was. It usually takes my wife that long to decide what to wear for the occasion. The committee of 2 (Mrs Legend and Jr Legend) had decided to give it a beach theme this year, so they duly set off to Seattle to find some new decorations. I prefer to make things however, so we have a mish mash of bought beachy trinkets and home made Daddy art. They do let me have a few branches to decorate, just so I don't feel left out.
Beach Wood, Clam Shell and Cedar bark. Free
Fred Myer Jelly Fish. Cost? Don't ask.
Burton beach
The next part of our plan was to arrange drift wood and other sea life detritus underneath the tree, which necessitated heading to my favorite beach. This old tree had been shedding its leaves into the water, and as the tide started to recede, it left a beautiful tide mark of gold Beech leaves  (no pun intended) along the shore.
Mrs Legend and I looked for interesting twisted shapes. Legend Jr looked for weapons. With a few treasures collected, including a wooden bazooka, we trundled home to a hot bowl of soup, reward for the chilly work, and set about to a spot of decorating.

Bazooka shaped drift wood in the foreground.
That evening, the local chamber of commerce had decided to hold our town center tree lighting ceremony, a few weeks in advance. We arrived 30 minutes late and were still 45 minutes early, such are the planning powers of our chamber members. The town was full of kids and parents, all wrapped up against the biting cold, except that is for Legend Jr and his cronies. They still think its Summer. They dumped their jackets in my arms and left me standing by the yet to be lit tree, disappearing into the darkness to save the world from evil doers.
Santa's sleigh double parked and abandoned. Squatters were already moving in.
Santa is now sponsored by John Deere
Eventually, Santa appeared, towed by a large John Deere tractor. Sitting by his side was a politically correct and dutiful Mrs Santa. Rumor has it that the delay in getting the tree lit was caused by the difficulty of extracting Santa from Sporties, a less than salubrious drinking establishment on the main street, but I digress.
As my son and his band of vigilanties had gone AWOL, I took consolation in having Sadie, my lovely friend Jen's daughter sit on my shoulders to watch the tree lighting ceremony.

I'll take cuddles from anyone.

The lovely Sadie and her surrogate uncle


  1. That's the spirit Legend!
    I do like your home-made ornament quite a bit, good job there.
    We've got our tree up this weekend too. We went to the woods and cut it down. Well MrBP cut it down while I complained about the cold. Then our 9yo decorated it and we couldn't have helped her if we tried, she has a mind of her own.
    Then MrBP put on a Santa hat, drank a large tumbler of Scotch and decorated the outdoors with lights. They look fantastic as you can imagine!

  2. The Santa with the wobblies and a potential SUI (sleighing under the influence)

  3. More marvellous tree ornaments this year! Luffing the octopus!!!

    We just use the same ornaments every year. The fairy on our tree is as old as me. And about as shagged-out looking!

    Glad that Santa made it in the end!

    Ali x

  4. loving the homemade decorations am nothing if not a make do and mend girl...still not feeling it though....... am thinking may just do brandy and mince pies and power on to the 31st......

  5. I love that beach with the beech - beautiful, what a lovely place to live. Like the beach themed Christmas tree too, glad they gave you a couple of branches to decorate. Reassuring to hear that Legend Jnr does not do coats even in sub zero temps - same here, do all small boys have superior internal heating? it is snowing here at the moment, but half heartedly..


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