Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A good start to 2014

Happy New Year all y'all, as they say in Texas, allegedly.
The only time I have been there was when I got stuck in Dallas, on route to Colorado. I may have heard that very expression used, but I was full of Tequila and so jet lagged, I couldn't walk. I do remember getting a taxi from the airport into down town, as the driver pointed out where Kennedy had his brains blown out. I think he was impressed by my perceptive nature when I told him they had done a good job cleaning up the mess.

Speaking of messes, I can say without equivocation, that 2013 was one of my worst years on record. Sure there were highlights. I think I documented every one on this blog. So you see, there was much to be left unsaid.

I have a feeling that 2014 will be different. My Labor Compliance Consultancy landed a big contract, after chasing them for 2 years. Things are still slow, but at least crawling along instead of lying prone like a snake on life support.

You may remember, I have resurrected my catering skills to keep some cash flow coming in, instead of flowing out all over the floor. That has been quite lucrative and is picking up week by week. I am chefing at one of my favorite veggie places on the Island (Snapdragon) on the 18th where we will be doing an Indian Tapas night, with favorites such as Mushroom Massala, Punjabi spiced chick peas, and Pakora with yoghurt curry sauce. If it goes well, I may be allowed to make it a regular occurrence.

My wine making is going from strength to strength, with friends pushing me to make it more official, i.e. sell the stuff instead of drinking it all. I took a major risk with the 2012 Cabernet by bottling it a year early. What on earth for, I hear you ask.  America is suffering from an acute barrel shortage. Who knew?
Not me apparently.
The day before the 2013 Cabernet was due to go into the barrels, we were still missing a very important part of the process.
Ooh, you are good.
Yes, we also had a shortage of empty barrels.
I decided to bottle the 2012, to free up the aforesaid barrels, so we didn't fuck screw up the 2013 production.
As it turns out, it is delicious and very fruit forward (Think Beaujolais Nouveau.)

And last, but not least, my good friend Kat Eggleston's dad is now safe in a wonderful senior center on the Island. He is suffering from dementia and has been a handful for her to care for. This new life for Al has meant she is now free to play and travel, so Middlemarch (Kat, John Dally and yours truly) will take wings and maybe end up playing somewhere near you.

So wherever you are, whatever you do, make 2014 a year to remember.


  1. Wally I hope you have a great year! Yes we can say Smell Ya Later to 2013. Wish I could try some of your yummy wine, and of course your Indian Tapas!

    1. Hi Dani, Can I ship wine to Canada?

    2. I don't think so, sadly. There's nothing for it we're just going to have to become wine-drinking Middlemarch Groupies. Sounds like The Good Life to me.

  2. Wally, hope you have a much better and brighter 2014! And great news about your various wee business strands making progress. This is (speaking with my Tarot head on!) a Chariot year for us all where we make progress by getting a firm grip on some runaway parts of our life and start marshalling them forwards by deliberate action (rather than just waiting for things to sort themselves out). Good on you for getting 2014 off to a great start already! AX

    1. Thanks Ali, I will try to remember that firm grip thing.xx

  3. I hope 2014 will be better for you. That Indian tapas menu sounds fabulous and really unusual - would love to try some. And great that the wine is coming along so well.

  4. sounds's make or break this year for me too.....happy happy new year!!

  5. I think it is shaping up to be a great year for you. I"m hungry, now.

  6. Wally, it sounds like you have a few good things cooking, literally and figuratively! Drooling at the thought of your chef and winemaker skills. I think 2014 will be great ... belated happy new year to you!

  7. Hi Wally,
    It sounds like you have all your bases covered for a good/great 2014
    As for catering, wine making and song what else is there to add to a jump start to a fine year ahead of you? If you make it to Calif on your BIG ! Tour please let us all here know will make sure to rock your concert :)

    It's always nice to hear what you are up to, and never a dull-read when one visits your blog, making it a experience.

    See you soon Wally, or is it chef Wally, wine maker Wally, or song and entertainer Wally?
    Will take any Wally we can get, it's always entertaining :)


    PS. Thank you for taking the time out of your business to visit me and always a joy to see what you have commented on your way home.

  8. I'm hoping 2014 will have less shitty ordeals than last year. It's doing not too badly so far!


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