Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the seasons, especially the Fall 

 I am thankful for the Children we nurture and love

 for the pristine beaches and quiet moments

for my loving and ever patient wife


for friends to share life's pleasures with

for the miracles of nature

 for the flowers in the garden

for the chance to play with talented musicians

 for farmers' markets and our own little providers

for the ever repleneshing bounty of the earth and the food we eat.
I give thanks today, tomorrow and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are.


  1. wow you have quite the life.........I used to love thanks giving when i lived stateside......happy holiday!!

  2. Thanks Jo, and I'm glad you're part of it

  3. The colours in those first two photos absolutely stunning.
    Happy Thanksgiving:) x

  4. Wally, I think you need to 'liberate' that book, my local coffee shop just has Hello magazine.
    What a lovely patchwork of photographs, great pic of your wife.

  5. You look SO much warmer than I was....


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