Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm celebrating.....

Small stuff I know, but I sent out my first invoice for my new company to my first client. I am feeling a bit giddy. Sampling our fermenting Cabernet Sauvignon for 2011 might have something to do with this, but it is more likely to do with turning that first corner in my new business. Fair Labor Solutions now officially exists, business license received, web page and blog created and a customer (albeit a small one) invoiced. My heartfelt thanks goes to the lovely Hestia. Did you know she is a wonderful web designer? She is all of that and a lot more. If I hadn't commented on one of her hilarious posts, I would not now be receiving wonderful comments about my web page. So, thank you Ali for your talent, support, and friendship. You are truly amazing. xx


  1. Hello:
    Many congratulations! This is certainly a big step and one which fully deserves celebrating. Unfortunately, we could not get the link to work from your post but we shall Google you later. May you enjoy great success with your new enterprise!!

  2. Wally, you absolute sweetheart! Friends forever, that's us :-)

    Ali x

  3. It would seem appropriate to frame a copy of your first check, for luck. Well done you!

  4. Definitley frame it once of course you've got the money. Brilliant!

  5. utterly brilliant and very, very well done........ inspiring!!!


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