Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remodelling update

I sometimes get ground down with the immensity of remodelling our house. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
     10 years on and we are about 2/3rdsof the way through.  Here's a few photos of our progress so far. Just
     doing this has cheeered me up as I forget sometimes just exactly what we have done.

The original house seen from the North.We took a baby grande piano up those stairs!!
This is where our front door is now

This is where Fathers come in handy

Front door as it is now. The bedroom balcony still needs to be built.

More foundation work

The original house from the south. There was no front door, just a drive trhough garage
The start of roof construction just before the storms hit us

This is a shot of the new roofline taken from the same direction. Notice the unfinished widow's walk in the center. Don't ask!
Foxgloves and Alliums

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  1. Hello:
    This is, and continues to be, a very major project. We are completely amazed at not only the scale of the refurbishment which you have undertaken but the massive amount of change which you have already accomplished.

    You have certainly made some impressive differences from the original house and the new entrance, in our view, is one of the most fundamental and significant. It gives a welcoming first impression and really draws one in. Previously, there did not seem to be an apparent entrance at all.

    Altogether, this is a huge achievement and it is good that you are taking time to reflect upon what you have accomplished since it is all too easy to just think about what has yet to be done.

  2. It looks fantastic(books flight over IMMEDIATELY),agree with the previous post the front door area looks fab,and the widows walk.
    Love foxgloves BTW.
    Hope you're all well x

  3. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to undertake a project of this scale, and it looks like you are making a very fine job of it too. I'm brimming with admiration.

  4. This is so big I can't even understand it from the photos.

  5. oh my........what big renovations you have......amazing and awesome and pretty damn good.....well done!!

  6. Jane and Lance;
    When we first moved in, no one could find the way in, so we used to get folks climbing up onto the deck and peering in through the windows.
    Your room is ready (its the only part of the house we did complete).
    We've changed everything except the view. Had I known what we were letting ourselves in for, I would have run a mile.
    New foundations, new layout, new windows, new siding, new roof, new deck, same view. I don't know why we didn't just build from scratch.

  7. Y&H
    Anytime you want to come and inspect, there is a spare room (finished) just waiting for occupants. We serve a mean Viognier.

  8. We've just started to extend our kitchen and do some other work so we currently have dust everywhere! Great thing is that I know it will be finished and beautiful... one day!

  9. It is beautiful! Those are some great renovation skills you have.

  10. oh hallelujah - been trying to get on to this blog ALL day. I don't know why some sites just don't load for me on this mac *sigh*

    You'd better make up SEVERAL guest rooms as there seems to be rather a lot of us coming over.

    I liked the 'seemed like a good idea at the time'. I too have experienced that sense of optimism that perishes like an old tyre as plans slowly go tits up.....


  11. Wow. That is an elegant, 2/3 finished abode!

  12. Hey! That is some project! We've spent the last few years planning (but not doing) all sorts of things which we'd like to do to our house. Respect to you.....

  13. This is amazing! I love all the windows - and you can grow foxglove in the norhtwest? Major envy!!

  14. Wow! It looks fantastic. More progress pics please xx


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