Monday, July 11, 2011

The great unemployed

Today is the start of a new chapter in my life. It is a Monday morning and I don't have to go to work.
My job was eliminated ( I think that's what was on the letter I received on Wednesday) and after 11 years with the company, I find myself wondering what my next role will be, should be, could be..............
As I stare across the kitchen, I am reminded of my immediate task of tidying up after last nights hilarious dinner party. Some friends came over to celebrate my release from servitude, and celebrate we did. As we discussed the sort of things I might put on my resume, and giggling like a pack of teenagers about the things I should definitely NOT put on my resume, Legend Jnr. looked up from his lego construction site and said, in a rather puzzled voice, " I thought you'd be sad, Daddy".  I told him that I was sad when I first received the news, then angry that my work could just be discarded like that, and now happy to have a chance to explore life's possibilities, even though it fills me with excitement and trepidation in equal amounts.
To be honest, I have been thinking of changing how I earn my daily crust for some time. As you get older, the days and weeks become more precious and you become less content with the status quo. Change at my age can be difficult. The "what ifs", a steady pay cheque and good health insurance can be a barrier to change but now that decision has been made for me, I feel quite giddy with what life might be like.
So, Thank you HR for the generous severance package which I will use to relax and enjoy the summer with my family and friends. The house projects will keep me occupied when I feel the need for doing something constructive , as well as all the other stuff I never get time to do, like taking care of the garden. Watch out slugs, here I come.
 But first, I am going to the pool with Legend Jnr, and then maybe a stop at our local coffee roastery for lunch, and .......... who knows what the rest of the day will bring.


  1. Hello:
    We are filled with admiration at your very positive attitude to what is a very difficult, but by no means impossible, situation. We do so hope that things will work out well for you. In the meantime, we trust the lunch today will be really good!

  2. Wally, sometimes the greatest opportunities of our lives come to us when we least expect them... as the Buddhists say you have to embrace change... We sold our business three years ago.. I think you know what happened to us with the Iceland fiasco, but we luckily are fine and have got most of it back now. Except after our building project we still need direction .. take your time enjoy the summer let the anger go .. and something will come to you xxx
    Ps Thank you for the lovely comment on my new/old blog xx

  3. Wow what news.
    I went through a similar thing about 11 years ago. I found a short contract as a consultant in Munich for 3 months, then I took a few months off. After that I set up an English Language training company with MOH. 10 years on and we are still going.
    Good luck with your new life and remember - today is the first day of the rest of your life.......

  4. Trepidation and exhilaration in equal measure: at present in limbo here as my magazine is up for sale and I have no idea if the new owners will want me. It IS exciting and my brain teems with possibilities. Glad you have time to think it all through we forget time is precious in so many ways. Good Luck!

  5. dear Legend, wishing you all the best for this new chapter in your life, I am sure you will make a great success of it as you have such a positive attitude, very inpsiring. And in the meantime, hope you had a good swim!

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  7. It's now an opportunity for you to explore all the things that float your boat and see how happy it makes you to earn a small shekel from ALL of them.

    I have been worried about you since you said you'd been laid off, but am less worried about you now, now that I know you'll grasp the opportunity with both hands and make a bloody good run for it!

    Ali xxxxxxx

  8. Thanks everyone for all your support. You make me very happy.
    Once you get over the initial shock, it is quite liberating. I bought the materials for finishing the widow's walk this week. and have ordered some scaffolding to complete the facia painting so the roofers can come back and install the new gutters and downspouts. And of course, I'll have more time for those who feel adventurous and make the journey over. I make a good tour guide.

  9. If you have to lose a job the summer is the time to lose it! I'm happy for you that you feel positive about your prospects, because it would be easy to slide into worry and fretting over the future. I'm sure that whatever comes along will be the right thing, and the best thing. Enjoy the time given to you!

  10. Looking forward to more regular blog posts about all your new adventures!How nice to have time to think about what you actually want to do.EnjoyX

  11. Like so many others just now, I'm about to face a summer of 'restructuring' my team at work. I know it will be tough - and tougher on some than others, and that not everyone going through it will come out with a job at the end. I'm so glad that you're viewing this as a chance to try something new. Have a fabulous summer!

  12. You lucky duck! Now you get to be the real you!!!

  13. As someone who's never had a proper job, sick days or holiday pay!!!....welcome to my world.......I once commented back in my early 40s that I was now too old to be conventionaly employed, to which he replied how would I notice any difference....good luck, godspeed, I hope the future is as you'd like it to be.... carpe diem!!

  14. When one door closes, another opens - sometimes where you least expect it. Wonderful to read of your open mind, there are endless possibilities...

  15. Was made redundant 6 years ago myself and it was the best thing that happened to me on a personal level (if not, perhaps, for my bank balance).

    I have worked since then running my own business as a photographer and the feeling of release from a career in science to a 2nd career as an artist is a daily joy.

    Best wishes for whatever direction life takes you...


  16. That's a great attitude. You'll find something you enjoy in your own time. How lovely to have the summer off xx


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