Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kitchen insulation

Last night, the power went off at about 7 PM. At about the same time, I got a call from my Honey to say she could not get home, as every freeway in and out of Seattle was blocked. Our fire is out of commission on account of the flu pipe being dismantled to fit through the new roof. Things were going downhill fast.
Legend jr and yours truly gathered up some candles and snuggled under the bed clothes to keep warm while the storm outside serenaded us with the sound of timber tearing and nails ripping out of the joists.
We woke this morning to clear blue skies and lots of debris scattered across the garden. I managed to find a warm house for Jr and started the business of damage repair. I'm now in the kitchen, dressed for the slopes, while stirring a huge pot of chicken broth. My honey came home and promptly left with legend Jr for the warmer climes of Grandmas! The power will be off for another day or two, as a very large tree decided to uproot itself and sever the whole islands electricity supply.
We'll see what tonight brings. A shot or two of Malt might might be in my immediate future. What say the cards Ali?


  1. Dear Legend, oh dear!! Ignore my last comment. What a night!! I hope your electricity is back on. Chicken broth sounds good, I love your cooking xx

  2. I know it must be truly awful does sound quite exciting, man against the elements 'n all...or am I jusat projecting??

  3. Power back on for thanksgiving and the house now safe and secure. Peace sand tranquility has been restored

  4. Gather up all the neighborhood cats and use them as bed warmers.


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