Monday, November 22, 2010

Clearing the deck for Santa

I was woken up this morning by a very excited 6 year old boy. "Dad, Dad, there's snow outside, come and take a look."
"Go back to bed son, you're dreaming, and it is still dark by the way."
The next thing I felt was a freezing face full of fresh snow. "What the Ffff freezing hell was that for?" I shouted as he flung my pants at me.
"Now do you believe me?
I did, it was hard to ignore the evidence.
I got up slowly and donned my usual fleece sweater and pants and followed the little sod angel out onto the deck where he was feverishly sweeping off snow with a large broom. My son is not renowned for early morning bouts of energy, so I was surprised to see the activity.
"What, may I ask, are you doing out there?
"I'm cleaning the deck so Santa can land with his sleigh. We don't want him crashing do we".
Bless his little date challenged mind.
Now I don't usually get bent out of shape when it snows. On the contrary, I love the stuff.  However, the small amount now sitting on the deck posts like this

is amplified a thousand times when it is sitting on this
Since this photo was taken, we have an accumulation of about 5-6 inches sitting on top of the roof. Most of the framing and sheathing is up, except for a 10' x10' hole just to the right of the peak. This is where my wife has asked for a roof deck to be created. What this effectively has done is to halt the process until the engineer can modify the plans to meet her request. The rain has been holding off pretty well, but the storm now blowing and battering the front windows is bringing heavy snow. It sounds like a herd of elephants clog dancing in the rafters.
The only two people in our family that seem completely unperturbed by all of this are the chickens.


  1. Is it normal for you to get snow at this time of year?
    They have forecqast snow for the centre of France thsi week and it certainly looks and feels as though we may get some;
    Good luck with your roof.
    I love your chicken house. Good idea with the wire mest - we have wood all the way up on ours and it makes it very heavy. Takes 4 of us to move it.

  2. oh no....or words to that effect...not quite the winter wonderland you need right now...ferret out a copy of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home starring Cary Grant...hunker down and enjoy!!

  3. Oh my goodness. You weren't joking about not having a roof. I can't help but feel a tiny bit envious of your snow, however... not something that's going to happen in the canyon.

    Your chicken house is wonderful!

    Miss W

  4. Crikey thats a lot of snow.I wonder if its on its way over here,we had a few spots earlier.

  5. Dear Legend, I am envious of your snow, although it must be awful with no roof! I agree with Jo and recommend the same Cary Grant film.

    Hope the snow's not causing too many problems xx

    Ps. Love the chicken coop!

  6. Hi Legend, I feel your pain about the snow in face. Your house will be absolutely fab when finished, looks just amazing! Hope you get a roof over your heads really soon!


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