Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grand Central station

I've taken a break from saving the world, or at least talking about it. Global pandemics, world hunger and measuring the impacts of production on water quality and availability is thirsty work. I have left the conference to explore ome of my favorite NY buildings. The market here is outstanding. I don"t walk fast enough for this city, and have been walked over once too often, so I have ensconced myself in a quiet cafe for an early dinner and then off to bed. I'm not used to all this excitement anymore.


  1. I loved Grand Central Station, it was on my "Had to visit" list, I would love to go back to New York taking my boys this time ..just to see their faces, so many people on one street and the tall buildings. It will blow their minds.. next December I am planning xx

  2. I absolutely believe the streets of NY are the hardest in the world, I wore out so many pairs of shoes I practically lived in the heel bar.....talking of which did you go to the Oyster Bar under Grand Central? One of my favourite places ever!!

  3. Ruth. I'd love to bring legend Jnr. As you say, it would blow his mind.

    Y@H I did go to the Oyster bar. It is a must on all my visits. I haven't lost anything else yet, but it is only a matter of time.

  4. I'm so.envious.NY is one place Ive never visited but would love to go.Ah I can see myself now,a Broadway show,cocktails in one of those trendy bars...
    Sadly Chef sees no reason to leave these shores again(fear of flying) just now we're having a couple of days away in Yorkshire..
    Maybe one day!


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