Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Apple

I left my family to the rain and unfinished roof for a few days swanning it in New York. I was asked at very short notice to speak at a conference here, so, not one to miss a free lunch, I packed my bags and headed off at 5.30 for the airport. I'm always glad that the shoe bomber didn't try and hide his explosives somewhere more private, everytime I go through security.
NY is hideously expensive to stay at, and at short notice, you have to take what you can get. The room is small, but clean and hopefully bed bug free.
So far, so good.
Dinner in Soho and a pleasant walk home with the flotsam of NY street life. I am posting via BlackBerry as I managed to leave my laptop in security at Seattle. I'm not safe to be allowed out by myself, so this week should be interesting.


  1. you had me at dinner in Soho....... am soooo jealous, want desperately to go back and visit, hell still wondering why I moved back..... hope you have a wonderful time, have you got your name in your hat and scarf, perhaps strings for your mittens??

  2. Dinner in Soho sounds good to me too! I'm absolutely shocking with my iPhone. The Actor thinks I'm going dotty. Mrs Jones is making me some sort of pouch for it now! xx

  3. I have an uncanny knack for losing my personal items. I tell myself it is just my way of wealth distribution:)


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