Friday, November 5, 2010

Foot loose in NYC

The conference is over and I have some time before I fly home. The conference was all about corporate social responsibility, or more accurately, about the lack of it. After 3 days of discussions about climate change, world food and fresh water shortages, pandemics and inequality, I needed a lively walk and some time to contemplate. I am now sitting on the steps of the Federal Hall on Wall St. Next to me is George Washington, looking a bit stiff if you ask me. On my left is the extremely tall and ugly Trump Tower. In front of me is the NY Stock Exchange, and behind me is a very large building site, formerly known as the World Trade Center. I won't foist my political opinions on anyone here, but unless corporate America starts to effectively address the world's real problems, there will be more building sites created in the not too distant future. "Did you hear that Wall St?'"
The smell of fried onions is wafting past me, so I may have to indulge in another NY tradition and get me a hot dog from a street vendor.
Move over Geordie boy, and give me some elbow room.


  1. It is scary isn't it .. we can see it happening before our eyes but are powerless. We have had a good run but I think the world is changing and the balance is shifting ..Enjoy your dog xx

  2. Sounds like a BLINDIN'lY good conference! *grin* Have you enjoyed yourself?

    Were you eating a Corndog though, Legend? I do hope not lol!

    Ali x

  3. That's a tough one... I can't believe so many people still don't even recycle! Hope you've enjoyed NY and some street food. I can't resist the smell of fried onions xx

  4. The dog was great, and like all american food, I managed to smear most of it all over my chin.
    It was wonderful to get out and about in a big exciting city, but I am glad to be home for a rest. The roof is almost finished. I'll have to go away more often:)

  5. There's nothing like a bit of street food.This reminded me of nights out in my youth ending with a hotdog from the 'filth burger' stand as Chef used to call them,usually on the Bigg Market.
    Very tasty.


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