Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A cure for what ails you.

I've been out of sorts recently. The roof is still not finished and the heavy winds last night tore the tarps to shreds. The money is flowing out of our account like the count down clock in Times Square on steroids. Legend Jr refused to get on the school bus this morning and I lost it. We drove to school in silence, until this little wavering voice said. "Daddy. Can we go back to bed and start again?"
I met him for lunch at school and stayed for a lesson, where he hung on tight the whole time. He's obviously feeling the strain too, so I'm glad he is mature enough to keep his old dad in check.
I've just stopped off for cup of coffee at my local roastery before picking him up from school. I think dome chilling out on the sofa is on the cards, and maybe a cuddle or two to put us both to rights.


  1. That sounds just about right.

  2. Dear Legend, we all have times like that. I can spend money in an empty room! Hope you're feeling less stressed xx

  3. I love it when they say things like that, it melts the heart . My youngest used to say "Can we start today again" ... Kids they are wonderful, worth every bit of stress and worry just for one special moment like that.
    I wish I could put a plug in our finances at the moment, but until we finish renovating we cant.. We have started so we will finish :)
    Love Ruth xx

  4. I feel your financial pain........ just remember this time will pass....oh I wish a cuddle could still put things to right, my child is trying to join the army to piss his father off....

  5. Whenever you seem to start a job like that the costs just escalate,we've recently had a similar unforeseen expense,had to get a chimney lined after a fire,when they came to do the job they found the actual chimney stack was only being held up by the television wires.Which added up to extra 1k.
    For soMe reason finances are the one thing I don't worry over,not that we don't ever have worries,I just leave that to OH.Bad I know...
    Sounds like a good plan for the evening.Try not to get too stressed!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. They always make my day.

  7. at this day and age... there is NEVER enough money in our accounts!!


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