Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a difference a day makes

 The skies have cleared and the sun is out. Whoohoo.

I may be celebrating prematurely, as the rain will be back tomorrow, but  hey, things are looking rosier by the minute.
The trusses should be up by end of today and the sheathing goes on tomorrow.

The blue tarp will be with us for a few more days until the shingles go on

Nothing to do with the roof, but I thought you might like this fall color in our garden. Tonight, I'll be able to hear the Bullfrogs croaking, instead of rafters creaking and tarps cracking.


  1. I was just about to ask what kind of creatures rafters and tarps were, but actually realised what a stupid question it would have been before asking it!
    Hope you get it all nice and cosy soon.

  2. Oh I'd love to hear bullfrogs! Only coyotes howling up here.

    Miss W x

  3. Glad things have improved,your house looks amazing.


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