Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raidrops keep falling on my head

and in my coffee, wine, beer, or whatever I happen to be holding at the time. Inevitably, the tarps are wearing through and small holes are becoming bigger holes. The weather forecast gave me hope last night that the worst was over. Do things always have to get worse before they get better?
Apparently so.
The gale force winds have been reduced to just "strong" winds. Apart from the noise, and their potential for destruction, they did keep a lot of the water off the roof. Now that the winds are decreasing in strength, the rain is collecting in pools and finding ways to conform to Newton's Law. I am running out of pots and pans to collect the drips and dribbles, and will be forced by necessity to break out the good china if the deluge does not halt soon.
It all sounds quite melodic really, as the water plinks and plops its way across the house. I'd be in a much better mood to appreciate its melody, if the power hadn't gone off too. Our DSL, phone and power all come to the house overground, and when trees fall, which they do here in every storm, they bring the lines down with them.
I am now writing this in our local Internet cafe, enjoying a lovely hot cup of coffee. For the time being, I am content just to sit here, but I know there will be more fixing chez nous, so I had better drink up, log off and sod off back to the ranch.


  1. oh my, nature can be soooo scary.....worst stormy night I had was in Jamaica. A friend had constructd a huge fourposter bed in his house, my then 5 year old son and I were sharing it, by the end of the night we'd been joined by both my friend and his other guest. We none of us slept, except my son, as the wind howled and the shutters flew open, it was terrifying, I totally believed the roof was coming off at one point......good luck, stay dry!!

  2. We used to have the same problem with our electricity nearly every year. All our cables went overhead and when we had strong winds and storms the wires would snap, then we'ed have to wait for EDF to come and reconnect them. Last year we had all our eletric cables put underground. It made a right mess of the drive and the garden but now you can't see them and we won't be without power again.
    Good luck, it sounds like you are through the worst of it now

  3. Good luck. Nothing like the flap of a tarpaulin to keep you awake at night.


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