Monday, October 25, 2010

Tarp update, Day 3

After a very noisy and destructive night last night, I have moved the family out to Grandma's. Whilst the wine selection might not be so good, she is perfect in the roof department.
One of the makeshift supports collapsed in the early hours as the rain and wind continued to pound, with a force verging on the malicious. I know that is ridiculous, but your mind does funny things when deprived of sleep. I managed to shore it back up again, but boy was it a struggle. I'm not sure how much rain was lying on top of the tarp, but I felt as if I was being wrapped in cling wrap as I squeezed between the tarp and the plywood roof. About half way across, It suddenly occurred to me that if I got stuck, I might end up as a blue tarp quesadilla, and there was no one around to hear my cries of ,"do you want cheese with that?" As suddenly as the tarp had been flattened, a gust of wind lifted it off my back so I could shift onto all fours. You could hear the splash of gallons of water hitting the ground, 20' below.
The wind continued to inflate the tarp, which gave me time to rebuild the support, and I crawled back off the roof and down onto the deck. Several of the ropes holding the tarp down on the north side had ripped out of the grommets and it was now flapping and cracking in the gale. Plumes of water were shot off across the deck with every gust, and I couldn't hold onto it long enough to tie it back down. The realization that I needed help came with another loud tear, as the tarp ripped from the west side of the roof and lay writhing on the deck like a wounded beast. Fortunately for me, the builder and his crew arrived to see if we were OK.
The tarps are all secure again, the supports are all reinforced, and I only have two more days to go before the weather breaks and the trusses arrive.
This could be a lot worse. I could be in Texas


  1. Dear Legend, what a night! I'm glad you didn't end up as a quesadilla and that the wine selection wasn't as good. As you say, at least you're not in Texas! xx

  2. Oh dear.Given a choice of roof/poor wine selection the roof would win every time.
    The weathers been very windy and wet over here too,hope you get sorted soon and can get back to your home comforts!

  3. Oh god yes stay warm .. says she sat by the fire :)
    without the wine though... day one of an abstinence period, long over due xx


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