Sunday, October 24, 2010

It never rains, but it pours

A large wet and very windy storm system is pushing its way up the Pacific Northwest coast at the moment. This isn't uncommon, nor would it bother me too much except that we have no roof.
Instead, we have 2 very large tarps stretched out across a makeshift support and battened down with 2X2 wooden slats. It was quite deliberate (the roof removal that is), so we have no one to blame except ourselves. It was way past its sell by date and it leaked like an Ark full of woodpeckers, so we decided to replace it with a pitched roof.
The tear off went well with lovely sunny weather, but our luck ran out, and the sun has gone. The trusses arrive on Wednesday, so we have a few days to go before something more substantial can go up. Until then, I will be up every night pacing the floor, repairing said tarps and praying to the gods of PVC for a break in the weather.


  1. OMG .. I am thinking of you .. I know kind of how you are feeling as we are in the same position with our annex that we are renovating .. roof is half off and it is full of stuff etc etc ... and no permission as yet to continue.. but we are not, thank heaven living in it .. keep warm xx

  2. Thanks Ruth. The wind is gusting up to 50 mph at the moment, and I can hear tearing as the eyelets rip out of the tarps. It is going to be another long day.

  3. Good luck for the next few days. I hate it when the wind is really strong. Our bedroom is on the gable end and we have a huge fir tree touching the roof. I am always worried that it will blow over into the house. MOH tells me it will not happen but.......
    Try and get some sleep if you can

  4. Dear Legend, I hope everything will be alright. I will pray to the Gods of PVC for you. Thanks for your lovely comments at mine xx

  5. Oh dear - this sounds very worrying, Legend! Will be worrying about you until you post that your new roof is on!

    Ali x


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