Monday, October 11, 2010

Pitmen Painters (Act 3)

A journalist from one of the newcastle papers read my blog on my Dad and contacted him for a story. I thought I'd share it. I'm not sure why they photographed him through the window, as he is not in quarantine. Well, he wasn't when I saw him last.
They must gave been in the house, as they show one of dad's paintings in the livingroom. This would have made his day to get a bit of company.


  1. How lovely, I've got yesterdays Journal downstairs cant believe I missed this,off to have a read!
    Strange they photographed him through the window though makes one wonder if the interview was conducted through the letterbox!

  2. BTW the picture they used in the actual paper wasn't the same as the on line window photo!

  3. The photo made him look like a hermit. Ironic really, as his constant vigil of my Mom keeps him inside all the time, and he loves nothing better than to be outside in the fresh air

  4. Dear Legend, I'm so glad the newspaper did a piece on him. He looks so lovely I want to go and visit him!! It makes me want to go and see my own dad, who I don't see nearly enough of xx


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