Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lobbying for Vashon

If any of you are likely to come and visit, you will probably need some encouragement to travel this far. Yesterday, the weather cooperated and I found myself with a little time to make a quick tour and photograph some of my favorite spots. Enjoy

A great store where you can still buy clothes that make you look like Andy Pandy

Originally an old Hardware store, but now a well run bar and restaurant

One of island artist Jeff Hoyt's roadside creations

We don't just have pet stores, we also cater for Giraffes

My favourite nursery

Original site for Seattles Best Coffee. SBC was bought out by Starshmucks and an Islander bought the premises and recreated this Island hot spot

Inside for coffee

Bert and Ernie meet their creator

These little guys are the creator of Gene Amondsen, who runs for President every 4 years on the Abstinence ticket. Not many takers on Vashon.

Burton Church

Burton Store

Burton Coffee shop

Burton Beach

Inner Quartermaster Harbour

Capt John's House. Behind this rough exterior is an amazingly crafted Japanese Tea house.
Appearances are often deceptive
Seriously deranged Islander, Cool Gary, used to hitch hike into town carrying his favorite chain saw. He was hit by a car and is now in chainsaw heaven.
Next door to Capt. John

Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage

One of our produce farms

The farmer

Our neighbor, Sea Breeze farm

Island King apples, Shredded beet Greens and Leek
Golden Beets, Sprouts and Seabreeze Pork 
Pork chop with Calvados. Cream sauce with apple, leek, and beet greens.
Roasted golden beets and brussel sprouts,
New potatoes

Come and enjoy the fun


  1. It looks lovely. Whereabouts are you in the US?
    If it's not too nosey, what made you move to the US?

  2. Hi Sue, we live about a 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle. I met my sweetie in Germany when we both worked for K2 Skis, but she got transferred back. So here I am 15, years later.

  3. Wow, it looks absolutely to get a picture (literally) of where people are...
    btw, Shakspeare Glass will post internationally - they will quote for postage if you know what you want...the stuff is absolutely gorgeous....was trying to find a link to an article I did about them.... aha, here it is (with truly awful pic of me!)

  4. Thanks Jane ( I like your photo)
    I can feel a purchase coming on. We dabble a bit in glass fusing and slumping, but it is difficult to make anything you can drink out of (in quantities less than 3 pints that is)

  5. Dear Legend, it looks lovely, very quaint! Please can you take some pictures of the "clothes that make you look like Andy Pandy"? Just in case I fancy going for that look.

    Dinner looks delicious. You're a great cook! xx


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