Monday, October 11, 2010

Picnics in the rain

The rains have arrived to herald in the start of a Pacific Northwest winter. They have also arrived just in time for our new roof project to start, but more of that insanity later. Legend Jnr. and I were left to fend for ourselves on Sunday. Mom signed up for a color class for knitting, and would be away all day playing with balls of wool. We normally have no problem finding things to do, as we have several wonderful beaches to play on and acres of forest to explore, but this day was different. The rain was hitting our roof so hard we could hardly hear ourselves think. My one attempt to go out and feed the chickens was cut short on account of the bucket of water thrown in my face (at least that’s what it felt like) as I opened the door. Legend Jnr. wistfully gazed out of the windows and out towards what is normally a nice view. Today, all he could see was the water running down in torrents and a thick grey blancmange of impenetrable cloud cover.

“I want to go out and ride my bike at the park Daddy”, he muttered at last, and exhaled a sigh that normally precedes bad news.

“And I’d like to go for a picnic”.

“In the rain,” I nodded in the general direction of the deluge.

“Yup”, he affirmed.

“Out there in the rain”. I added for clarification


It was my turn to sigh, with a little (well a lot actually) rolling of the eyes and copious mutterings about catching pneumonia, which had not the slightest affect so off we went, bundled up as if for an expedition to the arctic circle.

Non of his friends were there, which was, to my mind, totally predictable. I think we are the only nutters on the Island capable of such lunacy.

After a brief, and very wet ride, we headed off for the picnic down at Fisher Pond. We knew there was a covered bench there we could sit at, but by the time we got there, the clouds had started to clear and the sun tentatively poked its head around the corner.

Our picnic was a bit basic, but we did manage to pick a few apples near the pond which went well with the Shropshire Blue and Neal’s Yard Cheddar, all Jnr.’s choice.

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon, albeit a bit moist, but the peace and solitude was worth it.

I’m glad we went.


  1. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. I love being on a rainy beach with the dogs, as long as Im all wrapped up!

  2. Dear Legend, you're much braver than me. I'd have tried to talk him into a movie instead. I like his taste in cheese! xx

  3. Christina. He loves smoked salmon, oysters, pate and stilton. He even likes IPA, but I'm not supposed to let anyone know that.


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