Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A gentleman's dilemma

After dropping legend Jnr. off at his Grandma’s last night, we found ourselves in the house at the same time, with nothing much to do.
Yes, I know, I thought about that too, but it has been so long, I could probably be used as an egg timer (soft boiled). We haven’t watched a movie together for years, unless you count Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine, the only prime time viewing we are allowed, so that is what we ended up doing.

The temperature outside is now dropping almost to freezing at night, and as our old roof is now lying in a pile in the drive and the new one is still a few days away from being built, the house is as cold as an undertakers workshop. I duly set about lighting a fire, and my wife poured us a large glass of wine each.

We snuggled up to view an old black and white movie starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, called “On the Town”. In one scene, Gene Kelly offers to light Anne Miller’s cigarette, which prompted me to ask my long suffering wife what men do now, in today’s non smoking bars and cafes, to offer beautiful women some assistance.

At first, she ignored the request, a standard ploy effectively used in most circumstances, but I was being at my annoying best/worst, depending on who’s telling the story, and I asked her again. With an exasperated sigh and a weariness developed over many years, she locked eyes with me and said, “Listen buddy, just drink your wine and zip it. I‘d like to see the rest of this movie in peace”.

I can take a hint.

5 minutes later, I was sawing logs in a very ungainly supine position, which is where I woke up about 3 this morning.
In Seattle, they could offer to take their Green Ginger Chai tea bag out of the cup, or maybe stir their Pumpkin Mocha Vente Latte.

How about where you live?


  1. It was so much sexier in pubs/bars when one could smoke. I am now a non smoker but it probably would not have been so easy if it was not so awkward to smoke. xx

  2. Legend - here on the island, which is unsophisticated at best and downright neanderthal at worst, I believe there is some discussion re how one likes one's eggs in the morning.

    The correct answer from the female is, I'm told, 'unfertilised.'

    Only joking :-)

    I haven't been out in a pub on the island here for years. Which is something that I've just realised and has made me bloody irritated.

    Truthfully, I was never much into smoky joints as they just made me cough - runny eyes isn't a good look when you're trying to attract a man - for egg fertilisation or not ;-)

    Ali x

  3. and that's another good reason to bring back smoking....along with gratuitous drinking and men in hats opening doors!! Your sofa-life is in a sorry state, I think you should work on it this winter (ie stay awake!!!) but you have made me laugh on what has so far been a bad Thursday!!

  4. Dear Legend, your post made me laugh too. One of the reasons I haven't had kids is that I can't stand most kids programmes. (That and no sleep, tons of plastic toys, high pitched noises... the list goes on) and why do they watch the same thing over and over again?

    I hope you and your wife have more fun on your next evening off xx

  5. How about:
    Fancy a Kebab pet???
    That's about as exotic as it gets around here..

  6. Legend,
    Thank you for your visit here in California :)
    I use to live in Washington state love it in Seattle...I do think of Seattle often, and long to see those rain filled days!

    Enjoyed your post, about the whole smoking thing, I am really happy to see so many giving it up...I don't miss being in a club and having to wash your hair before you get to bed to rid the smoke smell that will keep you in a restless sleep :) Those days are wewll in the past.

    Thank you for your comment on my talent in designs and art!!
    See you soon.

  7. Hi there legend, just discovered your blog. I like it. A lot. A bit off the point ( I always am) but I love that crude joke - What's Australian foreplay? Brace yourself Sheila! That is true romance.


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