Monday, December 3, 2012

The Super Brain

In a rare moment of relaxation, Mrs legend and myself turned on the telly, while Legend Jr. was lying on the sofa with my old Macbook designing some lethal weapons with which to "see me off, for GOOD". We turned to channel 9 (PBS) to watch some Neuro Scientist type chappie describing things you could do to improve your brain, and let's face it, some of us in this room could do with a bit of that. Mrs Legend was writing all of this down feverishly as I lay back in my chair in a sort of stupor that overcomes me at night, after a few glasses of wine and a nice dinner. As the show was coming to an end, my wife asked me what the 2nd thing you could ask yourself was. I must have been looking at her in that blank expression I reserve for people who ask dumb questions. "You know," she snapped, "the bit that came after How am I feeling."

Without glancing up from his lethal project, Legend Jr. said "Is this feeling good to me?"

We both turned towards him in unison and asked in amazement, "What did you say?"

He repeated himself in a slightly more weary tone, then continued with his task.

He was right of course. That was exactly what the scientist chappie had said, over half an hour before.

No need for brain stimulus there then.

Note to self, "When Legend Jr is not listening, he really IS listening.


  1. Just beeeee careful, I've had Sonshine parrot back things in company that were mentioned to Tartarus in private. Excrutiating didn't cover it lol! But the wee fella was right :-D

    Ali x

  2. Laughing over this and so true. You don't think they pay attention but they do. My son always seemed quite silly, playing video games endlessly etc but he had a super brain for facts and now he studies physics at University of Toronto, I never know what he's talking about.
    That stupor you describe sounds like me most evenings!

    1. Hi Dani, I thought I'd lost you. I'm glad to see you are still connected.

  3. Oh, oh thank you for making it over to my place to add a comment that encourages what I love so about the peace and calm Christmas should be about. As for your son, I too have been in your shoes thinking that a little one hears or see nothing then what's in front of them. Funny how they can pick up on things quietly spoken in another room hearing every detail saying from a distance "I heard that"
    The minds of our young, little sponges :)

    I would be happy to come decorate your Christmas home, al it takes is a simple branch, not the whole tree to create a simple calm, an "All is calm" look and feel.
    Thank you Mr. Legand for your time and comments that always speak your mind :)

    Happy holidays

  4. LOL Oh yes, they are ALWAYS listening!!

  5. fab photo......... never underestimate the ears of a child!!!

    1. I've learned my lesson the hard way, as usual.

  6. Just checking back in after a briefish hiatus from "the scene". I love your new cooking blog! I had no idea that cooking was also one of your many fortes. I'd like to jump into the page and sample it looks so delectable. And also, not in direct correlation to this post, but Where Is This Sofa from???? I love the fabric!!!

  7. I think we bought it at Nordstrom, many years ago. Thanks for visiting.


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