Sunday, May 22, 2011

We survived

 We've had a blast.
One more night of playing at the Ship Inn at Low Newton (one of my favorite pubs on the planet, along side Northern Snippets 2 pubs in Northumberland), then heading to Paris for an overnight stop and then home to Vashon....... or maybe not! Old Nick was definitely out and about last night in Newcastle. There were packs of wild scantily clad women in various stages of inebriation staggering around the streets looking for mischief, and equally large numbers of men hanging around on the off chance of providing it. It was not a pretty sight. It was a bit of a culture shock for Steve, who is still staring out of the kitchen window this morning wondering if the world did actually come to an end last night. I think the devil was so taken aback, he forgot about his deadline and has now woken up with a hangover to end all hangovers and is now out for revenge. The Iceland volcano is active again and screwing up air travel, so I might be here longer than I thought.
If I get stuck in Paris, please call my wife and son and let them know I am OK.


  1. Yep - I can understand that even Old Nick could still be scandalised by Newky girls ;-)

    Glad you've both had a good time and am sorry to have missed you. Hopefully next time I won't have had an organ removed!

    ali x

  2. Wow - fantastic! so nice not to live in the wolf world anymore though, eh?

  3. Interesting! Mark Knopfler sings a lot about Geordie boys and Northumberland...I do think you have a song there, too! Safe travels! And if I knew your wife's number I would call her :)

  4. Love your beach...just back from a wedding on the Jersey Shore. I've never seen so many rules about being on the beach in my entire life! Give me an open space, room to behave and a conscience if I don't, anyday!

  5. Ah yes the Newcastle Pets, their bite is definitley worse than their bark! Hope Paris is a lot calmer cannot imagine the Parisien girls going so overboard!

  6. sounds like you're having a top sorry I missed you down south, you better come back soon!!

  7. I've just started watching a show on MTV called Geordie Shore about Newcastle twentysomethings. Shocking! They are so brainless!

    I'm so glad you had a great time. Sorry to miss you, next time? xx


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