Friday, April 15, 2011

Liebster Award Ceremony

Thank you to the amazing Hestia's Larder for this little, but much appreciated accolade. I am now walking down the wine stained rug red carpet, while shielding my eyes from the constant flash of paparazzi cameras, to receive it. I am wearing my best slippers and dressing gown Tuxedo, and if I may say so myself, I'm looking pretty dapper. I remember well getting my first follower ( Hestia as it happens) after months of writing in the wilderness. I've had lots of practice, as I regularly talk to myself. My wife and son are either deaf, or I speak so quietly that they are unable to hear what I say. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

The feeling of finally connecting with someone, especially of Hestia's quality, was a huge thrill for me. I vowed that if I ever got to my first half century, I would have a wee celebration. Over the last 6 months, I have gained a few more followers, and I have to admit, I love communicating with them. I am still a few shy of opening the Champagne, but I feel it will not be long. This brings me to the bit where you have to nominate some others, and as usual, choosing is not possible UNLESS I add some purely nominal restrictions. So, I decided to reduce the number down from 300 to 50, as I know how much a few more followers means to us sub half centuryers.
Here are my choices in no particular order; Glam..Hic

Following Tea

Norhern Snippet

A life in the day

Piggies Heaven

If you are not already following these lovely people, please take the time to visit them. They are all wonderful.


  1. Thank you so much!!! This is such a pleasant surprise, great way to start the weekend, and I just really appreciate it!!

  2. Bloody hell - is Absolut-ly Glam and NS under the 50 mark *feels absolutely terrible about not including them in her own Liebster Blog award*

    I was SURE they had HUNDREDS.

    *grovels on knees to Absolut and Northern* sorreeee!!!!

    Was I really your first follower? Just shows you that I can spot writing talent with even oceans between us :-)

    Ali x

  3. Thank you so much,Wally this is lovely .. I will check out the other blogs later xx and follow them xx
    Ali no worries .. I did have a few more on my old blog .... so you are forgiven for thinking so xx

  4. wow. thanks for sharing your limelight! i have not had such acknowledgement since the 6th grade (3rd place, halloween window painting, main street, los altos, california, 1970- in case anyone wants to verify). and let me say by the way, you are a funny, funny man. is a post a week too much to ask?

  5. Hello:
    What fun all of this is! And many congratulations on your award.

    We have discovered your lively and varied blog quite by chance and have signed up as Followers to keep in touch. Incidentally, we love the title of your blog - absolutely brilliant!

  6. PS. You should change your comments to "pop up" in your settings and take off the word verification. Blogger has a spam filter now. You may get the occasional email saying you have spam but it mostly doesn't show on the blog xx

  7. Ah thanks I'm touched.Hope you're wellx


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