Sunday, April 10, 2011

After many months of hiding behind storm clouds, the sun poked it's little head out for a brief visit, causing most of the people in the Pacific Northwest to shade their eyes from the unexpected glare. In a mad rush to make the most of it's appearance, we packed our bags and headed down to the Marina to go for a sail.
Food and wine?
Wife and Son?
The fortunes' of the gods were smiling on us as the diesel engine spluttered, then chugged into action, scaring the flock of Pintail ducks who had moved in last fall and had not seen a soul all winter.
"The Canny Lass" was in good shape, as we had sanded and painted her bottom (the boat, not my wife), tensioned the rigging and fixed all of the thousands of things that go wrong on a boat when it has been ignored all winter.
As we hauled up the sails, the wind dropped to a splutter, then faded out altogether. Our plan to sail over to Blake Island started to look a wee bit ambitious.
Oh well, time for plan B.
We opened some wine, set out the Asian Spiced Chicken and Lebanese Humus, and prepared for a floating lunch. After stuffing ourselves, we motored a bit further out of the bay to see if we could catch some wind, but alas, sailing was not to be in our future anytime soon. So, we dropped the sails, set out the food again, opened some more wine and drifted in the warmth of the 1st sun of 2011.
It was bliss.
We did get to see a couple of Sea Lions rip the bejesus out of a large Salmon, which kept Legend Jnr amused for some time as he counted pieces of disintegrating fish that were being flung into the air and caught deftly by the flock of seagulls who just happened to show up at the right moment.
We also got to see Mt Rainier for the 1st time this year. I know it is there, but I still get a shock every time I  round the point at Outer Quartermaster Harbor and come face to face with the sheer grandeur of it. It looks close enough to touch
Here's to a few more warm days soon.

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The majestic Mt Rainier


  1. Sounds like a glorious day out, I'm very jealous about the whole boat thing!
    Glad you packed the wine before the wife and son!!

    Kerry x

  2. I only like boats if they come with the Sunday papers and vast quantities of gin and tonic. All that sailing malarky is no use unless you've got Staff who can get you to the South of France overnight ;-)

    Award for you over at mine :-)


  3. lucky you remembered the wife and son... love the sound of that chicken and hummus... maybe a recipe soon?

  4. oooh what a diference the sunshine makes ...actually had balmy blue weekend in London, actually got my socks off and had first glass of pink wine this year....your day out sounds a myself not much of a boat-person, I've seen Dead Calm....but I really like that clinky-clink sound they make, when I'm sat harbour-side at a cafe/bar, a cold beer in one hand and a dish of calimari in the other.....

  5. That sounds fabulous! lucky you! We had beautiful weather here too at the weekend - so we picnic-ed and frolicked. We went to Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. That place takes my breath away every time I visit... and I visit quite a bit.

  6. How weird, conversely I've just been listening to the Unthanks Canny Lad..
    Weathers been great here too.

  7. That looks gorgeous! I love boats. You've made me hungry, I want chicken and hummus now! Might have to go shopping xx


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