Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple Bouquet Garni

The weather in Seattle at the moment could best be described as atrocious. No major Hurricanes, Tornados, Tsunamis, Earthquakes or other cataclysmic disruptions, just day after day after day aft (you get the picture) of unrelenting rain. Oh, we have had some high winds too, just for dramatic effect, but not the kind that huff and puff and blow your house down, just the ones that rip off roofing felt, knock down powerlines and generally piss you off. It is in this climate that  I have decided to stay indoors and cook. I don't actually need any food at the moment, on account of just having had 2 lunches. I had already made something and was tucking in when the phone rang.

"You haven't forgotten our lunch date, have you?" asked a very patient and delightful friend.
"Who me, forget lunch with you, not possible," I lied through my teeth. "I'm just tidying up and I'll be there in a few minutes."
"Jesus H Christ," I shouted as I grabbed the car keys, wiped my mouth with the napkin, checked for tell tale splashes, and rushed out the door.
So now I am back home and feeling slightly full. Well, bloated if the truth be known, so instead of eating anything else today, I'll make something for tomorrow.
One way to make a simple casserole taste wonderful is to make a bouquet garni out of a stick of celery, some thyme, rosemary, bay and a piece of string. Make a little parcel as shown and pop it in the sauce before putting it in the oven. Pull it out before serving so that polite friends don't start eating it.


  1. HI Legend,
    I am so full of drugs (legal ones given by nurses), that this is the 3rd time I've tried to send you a comment. Boy my brain is somewhere on planet xray I think.
    Been trying to rest, but geez, don't come to the Mater in Townsville if you need a break, they drug you, they physio you, they pray allover you (with the door open so passers by can think you are a God Botherer), they feed you, they chat, the change the water in your flowers, your friends always arrive when you are drugged to the gills and just want to sleep, the phone rings all day, the texts beep, then the boss (aka husband) sends work emails re leasing, legal documents, tenant issues, staff problems - followed up by long involved phone calls to resolve all of the above.

    How's that for a big Aussie whinge?

    So, Waking Ned Divine - isn't that Movie a crack up? Then you go to Ireland and find out that there's nothing peculiar about the movie at all - they are all like that. have you been to the South and asked the locals for directions? I thought everyone there was Ned Devine's neighbours.

    Thanks for the good wishes,
    Louise (inTownsville)

  2. Sadly, you will also have to give me instructions for the casserole, Legend!

    Also - looks like I'm fat-free for the foreseeable future. My life is empty if it's nto got sweet things, cheese and cream in it!

    Ali x

  3. Found you through Kate!
    Thank you for making me feel better about the snow. It may be cold, but at least there is sunshine:) Great to meet you:)

  4. I found you through Kate, too! I live just north of you, east of Vancouver, and yes this has been a very wet winter. If the day begins with a pink tinged cloud (and hope) it soon turns to rain. Ugh. I like a good bouquet garni for my soup stocks - and add a few cloves, too if it's poultry. Have a good day, Sir Legend.

  5. Dear Legend, I love your cooking. Yes, please can we have the casserole recipe to go with the bouquet garni?

    That's the sort of thing I do, thankfully I've never had to eat two lunches. You did make me laugh though. Sending you Valentine's hugs too xx

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