Friday, February 18, 2011

Legend becomes legendary (almost)

Well, I can't put it off anymore.
Having never won anything, or being awarded anything in my life, unless you count the slippers I got for a "best dad in the universe" competition at my son's preschool (which doesn't really count, as I am the only one he has, as far as I know).
In the last 2 weeks, I have received 3 nominations for a "Stylish Blogger Award." I know, I know, it IS hard to believe. I don't quite believe it myself, and when I find the joker responsible for putting these unsuspecting sponsors up to it, my revenge will be sharp and severe (no more hobnobs for you).
The first came from the lovely and ever so slightly deranged Blighty. I have learned never eat or drink anything when reading her blog, as the resultant spraying and choking has become a bit of an embarrassment. I didn't realize that ring tailed bush babies could be so funny.
The 2nd came from one of my favorite writers, Tattie Weasle. Bless her, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and her writing can break my heart and leave my jaw slack with astonishment and admiration. She's no slouch on the spraying and choking front either (check her version of "my love is like a red red rose" to get my point. Last, but by no means least, Calamity, Kids and other stuff. If I ever need a role model for going on in the face of adversity, I won't need to look any further. Kate is a constant reminder to me that, despite the trials that life can throw at you, it is possible to face them with grace, good humour, and love. The fact that her Mom owns my favourite pub in Northumberland has no bearing on my judgement. My only wish is that she had more time to write. I'd make the time to read it.
Before I start to dredge up my past, I have to tell you that I am not going to pick 7 beneficiaries. I can't do it. I love them all. If you are on my follow list, you are all stylish bloggers and worth reading. I will, however single out 2 people, as they are probably unaware of the impact their blogs have had on me. I refer to "Why Miss Jones" who is the reason I started blogging in the first place, and Hestia's Larder who was the first person to follow me. So Miss Jones and Hestia,  you are amazing, and I thank you for your style, wit, and warmth ( and large dry cleaning bills :)

1-At school, I joined the Gilbert and Sullivan society and played the Chancellor in Iolanthe. At the end of the last night's performance, I was approached by our crusty old headmaster, who said "Well Mr Bell, I'm glad your time at this establishment has not been entirely wasted".

2-I started singing in the folk clubs of the North East of England at the tender age of 14. My friend and I learned 3 songs so we could get in free at our local club. We had to learn another 3 the following week, and that was the start of a general decline in my education.

3-I went to Art College when I left school to study Theatre Design. I realized that to be successful, I had to be gay, and or talented. As I was neither, I left after the 1st year and took up catering.

4-I started the 1st English Ski School in the French Alps, and lived in Les Orres very happily until my knees started to disintegrate, so I came home to work for K2 Skis who were my sponsors at the time.

5-After leaving K2, I worked on a small ranch in Colorado looking after the horses and taking overnight trips out into the West Elk Wilderness. One of my customers was the Governer of Colorado, who was slightly perplexed as to why a Geordie was guiding his trip.

6- That same year, the Ski resort of Crested Butte, employed me as a VIP Ski Guide, taking visitors around the ski trails. I had the honor of escorting Ex President Jimmy Carter. He is a lovely man.

7- I married my American sweetheart in a castle in the Scottish Border region, and moved back to the US to live on a lovely peaceful island, where we enjoy life with our son and 2 chickens.

OK, you can wake up now.
I'm heading back to the UK today for 10 days, so I will log off for a while.


  1. Legend - thank you so much for nominating me! Very kind of you - I am totally rubbish at awards but I shall do my bestest not to let you down.

    Hope all goes ok when you get back to the UK (((hug)))


  2. Wally, you are a true Renaissance Man and an inspiration.
    I enjoy reading your (mis)adventures immensely!

    Have a wonderful visit.
    xo Pamela

  3. Lovely to know more about you. Now I know why you're so good at cooking! Thinking of you and sending you a hug xx

  4. Dear fellow S.B. awardee: I love your 10 point history there, especially no. 1, and wish you a very lovely trip to the U.K. I hope there will be no freakish snow storms to delay any of your travels!

  5. Hurrah! Well done! Brilliantly well deserved! I hope you have a wonderful time back in England.

    -- Miss W x

  6. wow what a exhuasted just reading it, so much definately having a bit of ex-pat envy. Hope you enjoy your trip and may the sun come out....even just a peek!!

  7. Blimey! You get about! Great jobs.

    Congrats on the award, well deserved.... Tattie got me too!

  8. Wow, I don't know what to say, but thank you. I am honoured. xx

  9. Can I offer another award/thank you for the wonderful chat and music which you brought to us this week.Great night,hopefully to be repeated. X

  10. Dear Legend,Thank you for doing this, hope it was not too much of a faff; I found your 7 things fascinating, what an amazingly diverse life you have had so far, you are a man of many talents - and you met an ex US President!! By the way, Mr B thinks your description of me is all wrong - he suggests re-wording to omit "lovely" and replace "slightly" with "totally". Bless him.

  11. Firstly WOW what a life so far! and secondly wow thank you for your very kind words. I don't think I'll be too bothered about lists and rankings anymore...


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