Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gnochi 101

It is never too early to start to learn culinary skills. Legend Jnr. has been wielding sharp knives (still has 10 fingers) and spatulas since he was capable of standing at the kitchen counter. Of all the kitchen tasks he has undertaken, the ones where he gets his hands into something sticky, doughy, or just downright messy are the ones he enjoys the best.
We had a dinner party on Saturday night with some friends where we all made Gnochi. Each couple contributed either a sauce to go with it, or an appetizer that was appropriate. There were bowls of glistening fresh Pesto, rich tomato sauce and several mushroom dishes as well as a bowl of mushroom, arugula and black truffle sauce. All of this washed down with a collection of local wines and Italian favorites, such as Bolla's Amarone Valpolicella. White beans cooked in sage and marinated with cipollino onions and fresh Tuna sat side by side with triple cream soft cheeses from Sicily. Woohoo.
We have had a few of these theme dinners recently where we all contribute, such as a Tapas night, a Korean Hot Pot night, and a Local Produce night where the table was literally covered in delicious and innovative dishes to accommodate the omnivores and vegetarians alike.

Next on the agenda will be a Belgian night with Mussels, Pommes Frites and a selection of Belgian beers.

It is a great way to pass these long cold winter nights, and doesn’t require any one couple to outlay a lot of time and energy preparing. The host of the last evening gets to pick the theme of the next evening and sets the date.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the “Last Days of Rome” theme, but that’s another story

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  1. Sounds fabulous.Its never too soon to learn the pleasures of cooking,what a great gift for your son.Am quite fancying recreating the white bean dish!

  2. It's brilliant you're teaching him to cook. Dinner sounds wonderful! I love gnocchi. I love everything Italian xx

  3. *stomach rumbling*

    Legend Junior looks to be enjoying himself. Sonshine likes a bit of a batter around the kitchen too - but I'm not terribly good myself, so I feel that I might be doing more harm than good.

    To all future women that Sonshine might have to cook for: I apologise.

    Great idea about the meal. Last Days of Rome will be spectacular. Who's bringing the horse?

    Ali x

  4. What a brilliant idea. Really like the sound of the gnocchi...... but am slightly concerned by the Last Days of Rome... vom. buckets and togas cannot make for a good dinner party surely?

  5. Great photo. Cooking gives children skills such as following directions, reading recipes and the confidence to create.
    Don't forget the Belgian chocolate. May it assuage your cravings for decadence.

  6. Legend Junior looks to be enjoying what dad can pass down. Such a bond in quality time, your doing a great job!

    Thank you for your visit to my place, adding the comment on your memory of a wall mounted aviary cage. They are quite charming, my daughter loves the collection of cages and it makes her want to add another bird to one.

    The dinner parties you put on reminds me of the ones we would do with family and friends. A progressive party where you start at one home eat the first course ending with an 8 or 9 course meal, traveling from home to home. the last home would be the dessert and final relaxation.
    This type of meal is a fun way to visit and enjoy a different setting at each home! Doing this every couple of months is a fun and exciting way to feel as if you had visited several cafes or bistros in one eventful day.

    Enjoyed your post!
    Inspiration to you and yours

  7. stop...you're killing me (as that triple cream cheese will kill you....)I love gnochi, it's only 9.30am and now am starving.....enjoy your moule frites but beware the Duval.....

  8. What great fun. It is such a pleasure to meet you. You make me smile and laugh, so thank you.

  9. What a great idea for dinner parties. Mr B loves Belgian beers, those monks sure knew how to brew a lethal beverage. Now, prepare yourself emotionally: I have given you a Stylish Blogger Award Thingie, check over at mine to see what it's about. Bye xx

  10. Sounds sooo good! Have always loved gnochi but never thought of making it myself let alone witht eh boys...but this is such a great idea!


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