Sunday, January 9, 2011

Early morning cup of tea

I'm sitting upstairs in our sun room overlooking Blake Island watching the sun rise over Seattle. I have my first cup of tea of the day and the world around me is very quiet. Cargo ships slide silently through the water heading in and out of the sound, and the ferry boats are waking up to start their criss cross routes for the weekend traffic. I used to sit up here like this when Alex was a baby. Often when he needed feeding and put back to sleep, we'd come and sit here and look at these very same things. I'd wrap him in his blanket and sit on the couch with my back propped up with large cushions and I'd sing songs while holding him tight until he fell asleep. More often than not, I'd fall asleep too and my wife would find the two of us entangled in the cushions and blankets.

Just recently, I haven't managed to sleep past 4.30 in the morning, so I am spending more of my time sitting in the same spot, peering out over the same view, only my little companion is flat out like a lizard drinking, tucked up in bed with his mommy. We've been trying to adopt another child, and got word yesterday the child we were hoping for is not coming our way. I'm getting too old for these roller coaster emotions.

A hummingbird has just flown up to the window and is staring at me, turning his head from side to side as if he can't quite believe what he is seeing, or maybe it's just my red shirt.
It won't be too long before all the birds wake up and start their chit chat. It is hard to feel sad when they do, so I am looking forward to their conversation.


  1. What a lovely view.

    How fantastic that you sang to your son.

    I'm so sorry it didn't work out with the adoption. What a wonderful thing to do. Hope you're ok xx

  2. Enjoy your views, but not good that you are not sleeping well. Hope you are not too stressed. Keep positive for the future

  3. Part of the beauty of insomnia, I've always found, is listening to the birds wake up. It fills you with such euphoria, just for a few minutes, as if you're the only person in the world. How lovely that you can look out over the sea, too.

  4. It sounds lovely! I love the early morning when everyone else is asleep and all is quiet. Wish I had somewhere like that to sit though!
    Although I do sit and watch the fish in the aquarium!

  5. oh what a picture you paint....I do envy you your sorry your baby didn't come, I have a friend in France with 4 from all over, it's like the UN, but it was a tough journey and she says the last one really did for them, it's not easy being a parent at any age and sometimes we may not have the family we might have imagined we'd like but your boy sounds like a fine young man ....

  6. Thank you all for your lovely and caring comments.
    Heavy snow is forecast today and I'm sitting in the same room looking out at the gathering storm clouds. From this vantage point, I can see them rolling in from the North. Mt Baker, usually visible on the horizon, has disappeared, and it won't be too long before the city of Seattle is obliterated too.
    The calm before the storm.


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