Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafting for Christmas

These are a few of our Christmas decorations this year, made from beach finds, kitchen and garden produce, grasses and vines.. This one is a Horse Clam with beach glass and copper wire.
This one is a clam shell with red cedar bark (stripped from a log that had drifted up on the beach) and the dried flowers from beach grass.

Cinnamon, Bay,  Cockleshell and raffia

Driftwood, shell and beachglass mobile

Red Hermit Crab shell lamp

Ivy and raffia melon basket, filled with dried flowers and corn cobs. I have 3 more of these in process made from grape vine and Red Cedar that will be filled with preserves, coarse mustard and pickles for presents.


  1. I thought these so beautiful - inspired to tackle my collection of wshells and sea glass with renewed enthusiasm! (I've been collecting all mylife and have drifts of shells ans sea glass tucked away all over the house!)

  2. I love them,can you send some over??

  3. Oh Tatti'e here too.... nice people.

    Love the decorations and LOVE the diddly-diddly music. Your playlist is fab... all my cousins play in the hills above Dublin - great nights.

    Good foodie blog is 'natural selection' - he's on my blog roll...

    Thanks for joining my site.


  4. They're gorgeous! Hope you're well too. Thanks for the offer of borrowing your son! xx

  5. Legend - did YOU make these, or was it Mrs Legend?! They're VERY creative and am glad to see someone else making use of shells.

    Last year I decorated my front door holly wreath with cleaned mussel shells - like butterflies - and nearly everyone that came to the door (including my postie!) said 'why have you got shells in your wreath?'

    Some folk have NO creative soul. Or, As I usually type...not creative soup :-D

    Ali xxx

  6. These are gorgeous.. I love things like this, at the moment I am collecting large clam shells...(M&S coquilles san Jaques was in side) I want to do something with them.. I have so many I am rather partial to it :) xx

  7. Ali, These ones are mine. Mrs L has made some fused glass icicles and snow flakes. I'll do a fused glass post later.
    Ruby, I have a new scallop recipe for you so you can reuse your shells. I'll send it to you.

  8. ooh how gorgeous....when the son was small we made slow baked cookie dough decorations that we then painted and decorated and they looked like some long lost treasures from the low countries...they lasted for years and years!!

  9. Y@H. As a kid, we had the same decorations every year, passed down from my grandparents, and possibly theirs too. The collection contained a few umbrellas made out of chocolate. I made the mistake of eating one whan I was about 12 and was promptly sick all over the tree. That was the last year for grandmas decorations.


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