Monday, October 4, 2010

RIP Arianna Buffington

Our family is in mourning.

At least I am.

One of our chickens has gone to chicken heaven, not as a result of the local Raccoon population’s collective wileyness and cunning as predicted, but rather as a result of our own stupidity. I mention here that it was Arianna, but it could have been Buffy or Chicky, as we never really could tell the difference.

A small pile of feathers and a severed head on the front lawn was all that remained. Our son, who named two of the three birds, took one look and said, “That one must be Mommy’s chicken. I’m glad my two are OK.”

Always the pragmatist. So Arianna it is then.

How did this tragedy happen, I can hear you ask with disbelief.
It took a little while to penetrate the grey matter, especially after playing and drinking at a local Oktoberfest party the day before, but basically they were left out overnight.

Duh and double Duh!

To be honest, we are lucky that two of them managed to hide for the rest of the night, otherwise it could have been a lot worse.

I had a sleepless night last night worrying about their safety and wondering if they missed Arianna. I eventually got up at 4.30 and went on patrol round our garden with the torch. I must have looked quite a sight in my slippers and PJs, enough to scare any self respecting Raccoon, but all was quiet in the coop. The scene of the previous night’s carnage, cleaned up apart from a couple of feathers, was peaceful, so I checked the locks a few more times then went back to bed.

RIP Arianna Buffington


  1. chickens eh!.......they grow up so fast but you never stop worrying about them.........

  2. Eek.We used to keep chickens,one might a fox managed to get to them the bad thing is they don't even eat them just do it for sport.Aren't kids great though,always looking for a positive(from his point of view).
    If you leave me an e mail address I'll send you details of the pub!

  3. Oh no, that's so sad.
    Makes me miss my chickens, though.

  4. Hi, Legend

    Thanks for your interesting comment about hedgerow jelly on my blog - my kids were very excited about using the rosehips as itching powder but I was a meanie mum and didn't let them.

    Sorry to hear about your chook. We have three chickens and luckily have no foxes / raccoons/ mongeese (is that the plural of mongoose?)and have successfully left them outside for about 4 years with no ill effects - but if you live in the wrong area, just one forgetful evening and they're taken. What a shame. I shall follow your blog with interest.

  5. Animals - even when you're slightly raddled, you're still responsible for them. Like Children, only involving less Social Services when things go awry.

    Ali xxxx


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