Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Evening commute

72 degrees and on my way home. The water is lapping up on the log strewn sand and I feel a swim might be called for. Alternatively, a glass or two of Viognier. I know. Why not both.


  1. Dear Legend, I'd say go for both. The swim followed by a few glasses of Viognier sounds marvellous. Not jealous at all. It's poured down all day here! xx

  2. OH god it looks like heaven to me..Yes both xx

  3. Allways one to heed good advice, I went for the swim in the bay where our boat is moored. I wasn't the only one with that idea, as there were lots of folks bobbing around and taking advantage of the late unseasonally warm weather. Our deck afterwards was a bit quiter, with only me and a few hummingbirds for company. Chilled Viognier and a warm sunset. You will all have to make it out here next year and try it for yourselves. xx

  4. How wonderful!!! Maybe we will be able to organise a Blog Holiday over to yours lol!

    Ali x

  5. Ali, Funny you should mention it. It has been on my mind to try and do exactly that. If not all together, at least a few at a time. There is an open invitation. I can't guarantee the weather, but I can guarantee good wine and food


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