Monday, September 13, 2010

Young Love

Legend Jr has always had a flair for the ladies. Those big blue eyes are irresistible. He has grown up around instruments, musicians and artists all his young life, and is quite the seasoned performer. He has no fear and so much confidence, I am sure that one day, he will put it all together and take the world by storm. I often get asked what instrument I would like him to play, and I always reply that the choice is not mine. He has access to many and will eventually make up his own mind, but in the mean time, I am happy to give him a free rein.

Until recently, he seemed oblivious of his charms and the affect it had, so I was quite surprised to watch him in action at our local Winery Folk festival. A local guitar company had a stand there this year, and in between performances, I tried a few of them out. Alex pointed to a little Ukulele and asked to try it, so the two of us sat around at the back of the festival and swapped songs, after giving him a brief lesson. It was a lovely, well made instrument (and only $50) so I bought it for him, happy to give an Island company some business. It came with a little gig bag which he proudly slung over his shoulder then promptly disappeared through the orchard towards the main stage.
When I eventually tracked him down, he was performing for a cute and very attentive 6 year old girl. Shortly after this impromptu show, they were seen picking dandelions together round the back of the stage.

Oh boy!


  1. Lovely! It's kind of scary when they seem to be growing up. I'm hoping to encourage Ed towards the guitar in the not too distant future.

  2. How sweet!How lovely to have a flair for music.Sadly my own kids interest was short lived and not inexpensive.Currently have a saxophone and a flute stored in the shed.Must get them on e-bay!

  3. Dear Legend, he sounds very cool. He obviously has an eye for the ladies, that little girl is gorgeous and so is he. What a great picture xx

    PS. The Actor plays guitar well and has just bought himself a ukulele. Unfortunately he thinks it's funny to play George Formby really loudly. I can't bear it!


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