Thursday, September 9, 2010

Supper is served

I have had a few queries recently from folks asking about what to do with wild mushrooms once you have caught the little buggers. Here is one suggestion we had for supper last night.

Take some of these; or any wild find

And some of these (Poussin) or whatever whole chicken you can lay your hands on, or better still, some pheasant (cover breast with bacon if this is your fowl of choice) . Cover lightly with olive oil and rub in crushed pepper and sea salt, a few parings of lemon zest and fresh tarragon (put a small sprig of thyme, rosemary and bay leaf in the cavity) Add some roughly cut carrot, shallot and celery as a bed for the chicken to sit on, and add a glass of white wine and put into a hot oven to roast, As it browns, turn oven down.

Once the meat is ready, remove from the pan (together with the juices and vegetables) and add some finely chopped shallots, sauté until light brown and soft, then add the sliced Chanterelles. I used Demi Glace (and the skimmed roast juices) to finish the sauce and reduced it until it thickened, but you could use cream if you like. Pour over the chicken and serve.

A good Pinot will wash this down a treat.

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  1. Sounds/looks delicious and thanks for the great advice re the mushrooms!

  2. Goddamn, but you are good at this food thing, aren't you? You're actually Gordon Ramsay, ain'tcha?

    Looks delicious!!!

    Yours enviously

    Ali x

  3. That looks wonderful! When are we invited round for dinner? xx

  4. Anytime any of you make it to Seattle, I'd love to make dinner. That's a promise.

  5. Er exactly how fast are wild mushrooms over there? "Once you catch the little buggers" now has me thinking that you run around in the wood with a little net!

  6. faster than me, even when they are attached to the ground. You think you see one and by the time you bend down to get it, its gone.

  7. Lovely. We shall hold you to the promise of dinner xx


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