Monday, March 1, 2010

Now, where was I?

After an extremely long hiatus caused by a lack of interesting things to share, and an inability to log in, mingled with a large dose of procrastination, I have finally extracted the thumb (so that was what the loud popping noise was). I'll give this another go. Writing your thoughts down in the hope that someone, somewhere will log in and read this, is a strange preoccupation if you ask me. OK, you didn't ask, so I had to do it for you, otherwise I wouldn't be able to lead into this train of thought. I've just found a blog, through the Marbury link written by a lady called "Miss Jones". I don't know her, never met her, and probably never will, but her writing is so good, it is addictive. It is filling a little void, hitherto unknown to me until I started reading her blog, that maybe I could replicate in someone else. Maybe there is someone out there with a void to fill, albeit a small one, that will feel better just for reading this. So, with new found enthusiasm, and a small amount of time in between saving the world and lunch, I'll give this blog stuff another try.
Ohh, I feel a little faint with the effort. better lie down.

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