Monday, March 1, 2010

Contrasting weather

We live on an Island in the Puget Sound, just off the coast of Seattle. Our house faces North towards the Canadian Border and, as we live at the top of the hill, we have an amazing 180 degree view. Right at this moment, the Cascades and most of Seattle are shrouded in thunder clouds and driving rain. It is not the sort of weather you want to get caught in under any circumstances. The other direction across the Olympic Mountains is ablaze in the most vivid colors that even the Devil would find a bit bright. Two such contrasting views would be hard to believe, except that I am now sitting here watching it all unfold from the comfort of our sheltered deck. The temperature outside is a comfortable 60 degrees after being just under the 50 mark for most of the week. I say comfortable, as we have had one of the shittiest winters in my 12 years of being here, and I am lapping up the heat. Maybe if this continues, I'll start to complain about it like a true Brit, but for now, I LOVE IT.

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