Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Pleasures

I love all the seasons, but if I had to choose a perpetual season, it would be Fall. This is the time of year celebrated throughout the world for the abundance of the harvest. In my particular microcosm, it is a time to celebrate the apple and pear harvest, the grape harvest, and the many wild foods that come to fruition during these blustery (and often warm) weeks. I'd be able to celebrate the garden harvest too, if it wasn't for the bloody deer who seem to think I have nothing better to do with my time than plant vegetables for their epicurean tastes, but I digress.
On Friday, my ever patient and long suffering wife and son took off for the day and left me to my own devices. I was feeling particularly chipper on account of finishing the roof. The thought of being able to sleep through the inevitable storms this coming winter without the sound of tarps flapping and water running down the inside of the walls is quite exciting (it doesn't take much to get me going these days. Sad, but true)

I got back home about lunch time and started into topping up our cabernet. There are two barrels of the stuff in the garage downstairs from 2009. Over time, the wine evaporates out through the wood and needs topping back up again. Because of all the other stuff that needed done, this job hadn't been tackled for a couple of months. I needed a gallon in each barrel which necessitated opening a 5 gallon Carboy (the excess that wouldn't go into the barrel). So there I was with 125 gallons of wine at my disposal, so what do you think I did? Yup, you're right. I siphoned off a taste from each container, and sat back with the garage door open and enjoyed the balmy afternoon. The taste testing necessitated a few more draws from each barrel, and it wasn't too long before the warm sun and the wine took its toll.
I was still down in the garage when the troops came home. I heard my son say to his Mom, "it looks like dad's topped up the wine", to which my sweet wife replied, "He's the one that's topped up by the look of things".
Taken while I could still operate the camera

And so passed a pleasant and peaceful Friday. 


  1. ooh autumn on a plate but I'm a bit scared of mushroom picking ........I celabrated the arrival of wintery weather with a strawberry and rhubarb crumble that I think I've invented but who knows.....utterly delicious, who doesn't love a crumble???

  2. Eh, what do you charge an hour? I can put a haggis supper and malt whisky chaser your way - I am so tired of tarps and buckets, I feel like clambering up and pouring concrete over my roof!

  3. B&P. We had that all last winter so I sympathize with you. Now, it could be fixed for the haggis supper......
    Y&H. and over to do your chores for some crumble.

  4. I'm also scared of wild mushroom picking. However I had guest to stay last year who picked some and fried them in butter and served them on toast for breakfast - one of the yummiest things I've ever tasted. Today whilst walking in the woods we found some amazing bright yellow fungus that looked like sea coral - I'm sure it will appear on my blog soon as I was so awed by it! Wonder if that would taste good?


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