Friday, August 12, 2011

Redundancy----the sequel

Apologies for my lack of blog action, both reading and writing. I've been a tad busy of late. "Hang on a minute", I can hear you say, "we thought you'd just been laid off".
Let me explain.
Whenever I used to think about unemployment, visions of men sitting outside the pub waiting for it to open, or pottering about in the allotment with their pigeons would swim to the surface. Maybe meeting their mates for a pint or two down at the pub. After the first day or two of inactivity by the pool, day dreaming of the endless possibilities for filling my time in a leisurely sort of way, the reality has set in. All of the jobs that we had allocated to be done by someone else, like finish off the roof construction, landscape my mother in law's garden, trim the trees and Laurel hedges in our own, repair the ceiling damage done by last winter's deluge. Combined with keeping Legend Jnr. occupied so he doesn't spy for the Russians, or build his own nuclear generator in the loft, is taking its toll.
To put it mildly, I am absolutely knackered!
Our building permit is due to expire on the 2nd of September, which has added a a little sense of urgency, and we still have the gutters and downspouts to put up, the soffit to be attached, and the facia to be painted. I have the scaffolding booked for Monday (thought to self... don't fall off matey as our insurance has expired also) , the paint and Hardyboard soffits will be ordered today, and then I am going to collapse in a dark corner somewhere and lick my wounds. It won't have to be too long as there is a house to clean,  washing to be done, bread to bake, chickens to feed and de poop, and ....Oh yes, I forgot, jobs to find (which is a full time occupation in itself).
Actually, I am not looking that hard, but don't tell the unemployment office or Mrs legend. Instead, I am setting up my own business. I have received web page advice from our very own Hestia, and many other friends have all come forward with advice (thank you thank you thank you) and I have 2 potential clients interested in my services.
So, as you see, not much time for pigeons or pints.


  1. Nice legs! I say take your time doing it all and enjoy your freedom whilst you can!

  2. Glad to gear youre keeping busy and good luck with the venture!

  3. Wise words follow your dream... we have but one life and sometimes we forget to enjoy it xx

  4. Glad to see that you're busy. I'm getting chickens next month and will need some input from YOU re the de-pooping thing. I hadn't really thought about that......

    Keep busy!!!

    Ali x

  5. oh how exciting....i have several irons waggling in the general direction of the fire myself and am desperate for something good to happen while i can still remember what it is i'm trying to do...go flap your wings and let your imagination the sunshine!! It's like autumn here todat, pouring with bloody rain!!!

  6. Fingers crossed that all goes well.....and I mainly stopped by to say this blog has a cracking title....!!

  7. Gosh, you do sound busy, hope you don't fall off the roof!


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