Thursday, March 10, 2011

A roof, a roof, my kingdom for a roof

What a difference a day makes, or in this case, about 4 months. The decision to go ahead and remodel/replace our flat roof with a pitched roof in October last year is probably one of the worst ones I have ever made (and I've made a few of those).
It needed doing, and it might have been just as bad for water penetration if we had left it as it was, but I have to tell you, these last few months have been the most stressful of my life. Selling my house in the UK, quitting my job, emigrating to the USA and getting married in the space of 3 months was a pussy cat in comparison.

Last night, Legend Jr and I had a little party in the new roof space to celebrate the completion of the construction. We hauled up some blankets to sit on and a basket containing tubs of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a couple of spoons and a few napkins (just in case it got messy), and sat between the new roof beams with only a head torch for light.

He has already claimed much of the loft space as his own territory. So far, he has a bomb factory, a paint studio, a dance floor and a spy station all chalked out and ready for planning permission. Good luck with that one.

As soon as the rain stops for more than a few hours, we will be able to get the roofers back to put on the shingles and waterproof the new roof deck (Widows Walk). However, the forecast is not looking good for the rest of the week, with gale force winds and heavy rain heading this way. I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel however, so I’m looking forward to a few more tubs of ice cream up there before Jnr. takes over.
The wind ripped a big hole in the tarp covering the widows walk last night, and our little playground got flooded,*takes a deep breath*. A few pots and large towels solved the immediate problem before I left for work, so I will need to do some patching when I get home.


  1. You deserve every award in the blogosphere (or is it blogisphere, whatever), you do. In fact, I was about to give you one. You are so funny and fun and clever and you write wonderfully.

    Do you want another one?

    All the best,

  2. Tish,
    I'm at a total loss for what to say, except thank you thank you thank you. Did Cherie put you up to this?

  3. Nothing better than a picnic of ice cream. Yum. Hope it stops raining soon. We're beginning to see signs of spring down here & clocks spring forward this weekend, yes?
    Always a pleasure,
    Miss W x

  4. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! That really means a lot to me, as I often feel like a loner out in the blogosphere! I spent at least that much time and more last weekend, perusing your blog, enjoying your photos and stories. I really love the poppies! Thanks again, hope you will visit again

  5. aaagh......time to give on those little tubs and go straight for the quart pot......good luck up there!!

  6. You have a roof. Let's be thankful for small blessings! Even if they leek! We redesigned our flat roof recently to a pitched roof but the local authority turned the application down. Pah!

  7. There is much to be said for owning a house that has been standing for over 100 years. Other than just swearing at the size of the utility bills, of course.

    Ultimately, a pitched roof will be better - and give you (or Legend Jnr) a bit of additional space. Hold in there Wally, all will be well. Eventually.


  8. Wow! You did do a lot in three months, and the roof was worse? I feel for you. Legend Jr's plans made me laugh. Hope it's all finished soon then you can relax xx

  9. Those jrs just colonise everything in sight (presume he has the Brit gene in him then!).

    We've got a load of work starting on our (100 yr plus) old house. We're waiting until the summer... especially now I've read this post!


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