Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Psychoanalysts dream

It is late on Tuesday morning and I am hunkering down in front of the fire. I always crave soup when I am feeling below par (Heinz tomato soup of all things), but I have had to make do with some hot and sour chicken broth.
It is taking me a lot longer to recover from a bout of Pneumonia from a couple of weeks ago, and I suspect that not getting enough sleep is one of the major factors. I can get to sleep OK, a fact my family could attest to, but I can't stay asleep.
Last night, I woke with a start on account of having a particular recurring dream. These dreams take on two main themes;
1/ I'm in a play of some sort and on the day of the opening performance, I suddenly can't remember a single word. As the deadline for the curtain approaches, I find myself scrambling around the back stage trying to find a script so I can at least find out what my first words will be. The closer to the opening curtain, the more demented I get until finally, I wake in a sweat and usually completely exhausted.
2/ I am off on a ski holiday, and the first morning finds me (and this is where it varies quite a lot), trying to assemble all the crap you need just to get out and onto a lift. Whatever the actual scenario, the results are the same. For instance, I get to the locker and my boots are not there. They might have been left on the bus, or in the ski shop, or back in the apartment, so I retrace my steps until I find out where they are. These shenanigans carry on at every stage something like this;
Find my boots but they have a broken clip.
Mend the clip, but no wax on the skis.
Wax the skis, but no lift ticket.
Buy a lift ticket, but gondola breaks down.
Take a bus across to the other side of the resort, but large lines are now forming at the lift station.
Etc, Etc, Etc
By the time I get onto the snow, I wake in a complete lather and feel as if I've just gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson.
The strange thing is, neither of these things have ever happened. In my whole ski career and many  performances in front of large audiences, I've never skipped a beat. Why then do these things haunt my sleep? I'm buggered if I know, but if anyone has any input, I'd be eternally grateful.


  1. Ah the forgetting lines dream. I get this one too nasty little one isn't it.
    The dream gurus say this dream or other like it occur throughout life usually when you feel you're being tested. It can involve forgetting your lines on stage, for example. To analyze this, you need to think about where you might be feeling unprepared for some challenge in your waking life.
    Nope didn't make sense to me either but it was good fuin trying to work it out!

  2. Aahh, That would be the raising of a very smart 6 year old boy without much help or moral support from his Mom. That, and being out maneuvered by two chickens would do it

  3. Dear Legend, I am very sorry to hear about the pneumonia, awful; Heinz tomato soup is my food when I can't face anything else, it was the only thing I could stomach when pregnant and morning sick, I was surpised Boys 1 and 2 were not born orange. I am not good on dreams but it's worth checking your room is not too hot and you are not eating too late, not too much caffeine etc - see what a boring practical mummy type I am! Also relaxation tapes, and Aromatherapy Associates do a lovely bath oil called Relaxation.. my recurring dream is that I have gone back to work after birth of Boy1 (which I never did) to the big law firm I trained in and left way before Boy 1, and I have forgotten to actually do any work at all for 6 months - that must be guilt about not working...your ski dream sounds like a typical Blighty ski hol!! By the way, loved your comment about your school wishing to promote intercourse - my comprehensive tended to try to put a stop to that sort of thing...

  4. We've had awful flu that hung around over Xmas but thankfully not pneumonia.My sleepness night are often attributable to some worry or other,is there something you're trying to achieve that keeps being thwarted??I'd try a large glass of red before bed.

  5. Blighty, I shall take that motherly advice, and also check my skin color when next slurping down tomato soup.
    NS, We still haven't finished the roof, and of course, we are suffering extreme weather like everyone else. That could do it.
    The large glass of red will be tried tonight, that is, after the soak with the bath oil.

  6. I'm sorry that you've been ill. Not sleeping properly is awful. I swear by lavender oil on my pillow. I've also been given a tip that Rescue Remedy night time works a treat - essential oils in brandy under the tongue.

    I feel for you re the skiiing dream. I spend hours of my life just looking for stuff! I hope you have a great holiday xx

  7. Thanks Christina. Lavendar oil on the pillow sounds nice. If I take all this wonderful advice, I'll be smelling sweet, even if I don't sleep.

  8. lost my lines?
    Its interesting you are backstage - turn around and listen to the unspeakable - your answer may be there

    the ski variations
    lessons in preparedness?
    read an aussie writers book
    Stephen Biddulph Raising Boys
    as the father of adult sons and now grandfather
    I'm still learning !


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