Thursday, July 29, 2010

Impending new family additions

My wife, son and I are expecting. On Saturday we will take delivery of 3 new babies, all redheads and all girls. I’ve been diligently working on the extension to the house to accommodate them all and as usual in the last hour before their arrival, I will have it all completed.
I was under the impression, misguided apparently, that we were only getting two, and have carefully designed the new extension with that number (2 for the record) in mind. I’m not sure where # 3 is going to fit in, but I guess she’ll have to squeeze in somewhere with the other two. This was my son’s idea, egged on by his mother who was/is worried about the fact that he is an only child and will need company. However, now the triplets are almost at our door, he has decided that this was not his idea and has reneged on all responsibilities, like his mother, and has passed all responsibility over to me.
At least I’ll get to eat the eggs.
Oh, sorry, didn’t I explain things properly? We are becoming a 1 child and 3 chicken household. It is all the rage here on Vashon. I now know more about raising chickens than I ever thought I’d know or want to know. Apparently, there is a very good chance that our local predators will be the beneficiary of all this hard work. The new wing has been built to Alcatraz standards, and although designed to be portable, it is so heavily fortified, you’d be hard pressed to move it with a forklift truck. The Raccoons in our neighborhood are a lot smarter than I am, however, and I’m sure they will find a way to penetrate this prison camp. After all, who can resist free range chicken…….


  1. Love it, Wally! We need more farms in the neighborhood :)

  2. oooh I'm SO jealous! I WANT chickens with a passion that borders on the notifiable-to-police!

    I hope they settle in quickly and you get loads of gorgeous eggs.

    Ali xxx

  3. Kris, I'm flattered you call our little patch a farm. Our biggest crop is dandelions, although we do a brisk trade in Venison, or we would if I could catch the buggers. We have some wine for you to try.

    Ali, I hope so too, but I am not getting any hopes up, as the raccoons round here could graduate from Harvard. They've probably inspected the coop for design flaws already. Bless their little bandit faces.

  4. I love my chickens so much I keep Salmon Faverolles and they are gorgeous, I also used to keep Barnvelders but the fox got them and I was devastated. You do become very attached to the little things we love to keep a cockerel too.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my Poetry blog xx


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