Monday, May 17, 2010

Good news-bad news

Everyone is the bearer or recipient of these two contrary bed partners at some stage in their lives. Fortunately, I've been on the receiving end of the former far more than the latter. My boss at work has changed (good news). I've been back home to see my elderly parents and had a wonderful week with old friends (more good news), and finally survived my son's six year old birthday party ( miraculous good news). Yet, all around me, the world is falling apart.
A cherished friend and her lovely children are leaving Vashon for the hot sun of Sedona (bad news). Some have loved ones in Hospice, or have died just recently (more bad news), and now my Father in law has Prostate Cancer (devastating bad news). This is a very parochial, view I understand that, but it is the world I live in and, ipso facto, has the greatest effect. If I lived in Thailand right now, and had gunmen chasing me down the street, my most recent good news would take a back seat to my most recent bad news, which was trying to eliminate me. Fortunately, I live on an Island where the most threatening thing likely to chase me is our neighbors rabbit.

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  1. Wally, I'm enjoying your notes on life. The old adage of "No matter why happens to you, there's one billion chinese people who don't care" is a sobering reminder of how we're really not that well connected in the world. Don't really know what to say, but you're all in our prayers. -Ben


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