Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pressing buttons and other fun games.

I was given some good advice when our son was born. "Keep a record of his life so when the memory starts to fail, you can look back and enjoy those special moments." Well, that time has already come, but I can't remember where I stashed all of the stories. Everynow and then, I find one, so I have decided to post them here for posterity. Most are written from his perspective.

Pressing buttons and other fun games.

My Dad has more buttons to press than a rack of shirts at the Mall. I pretty well know which ones to illicit the best response and which ones to avoid, in case of overloading his circuits. He keeps telling me that I’m not learning from experience. “Huh, au contraire, mon amie, I beg to differ. I’ve started categorizing them into “Safe and Fun”, “Not so safe, but worth the risk” and “Don’t touch at any cost”. Here are a few to illustrate my point.

Safe and Fun;
• Sneezing with my mouth full at the table.
• Wiping my nose on his shirt while pretending to give him a cuddle.
• Filling his shoes with gravel from the garden.
• Topping off the gravel with water from the rain barrel.

Not so safe, but worth the risk;
• Filling my diapers to overload while sitting on his lap.
• Kicking and struggling while he attempts to clean the mess off me.
• Pulling the plug out of the amplifier in the middle of a performance.
• Digging up the plants he has just spent hours putting in.

Don’t touch at any cost
• Cutting up the contents of his wallet.
• Throwing his tools off the top deck into the flower beds.
• Standing on the edge of my bed and seeing how far up the wall I can pee
• Recycling Mommy’s expensive silverware

Obviously, this isn’t a definitive list, but it gives you hint of the fun I can have when I really pay attention.

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